Dinning at Suncity Camp

Dining at SunCIty Camp is an experience in itself. Our chefs hand pick the freshest of ingredients to take you on a journey through the culinary heritage of Wadi Rum. In addition to traditional meals our buffet style breakfast and dinner offer a wide variety of international and vegan options guaranteed to satisfy your palate. SunCity’s restaurant team are happy to arrange private-dining experiences both on site and at scenic desert locations.

Each night we offer “Zarb” a traditional dish known in the region and a SunCity Camp special. Whole lamb, chicken, rice and vegetables are slow cooked under the desert ground for hours, offering a rich, tender, and smoky flavor.

We take pride in offering our guests generous hospitality, a trait typical of the indigenous Bedouins. As part of our dinner ritual guests get to enjoy live entertainment that is spontaneously initiated like it did hundreds of years ago with the sound of the Rababah, a traditional form of violin. Many of our guests can’t help but join the traditional folklore dances, and enjoy the rhythm of Arabia.

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