Standard Bedouin Tent

For our guests who would like to enjoy the simple and authentic desert experience as close to the habitat of Bedouins and get a glimpse of their lives, the Bedouin Tent offers a unique heritage experience that will take you back in time to the indigenous ethnic Bedouin life.

Panoramic Suite

Experience the Bedouin lifestyle with a luxurious twist at the Panoramic Suite! This accommodation provides uncompromising comfort while giving you a glimpse of the stunning desert scenery through your large window. Enjoy the perfect mix of tradition and luxury!

Two-Bedroom Panoramic Suite

Two-bedroom Panoramic Suite. In this suite, you can enjoy the ultimate blend of luxury and tradition. This spacious suite features two bedrooms with a king-size bed and twin beds, a living room, a bathroom, and a large terrace with outdoor seating. It can host up to 4 guests comfortably. From your elevated position, you can […]

Martian Dome

Our signature Martian Dome is the ultimate desert experience. Whether you are enjoying one of Wadi Rum’s unforgettable starry nights, or waking up to the beautiful desert sunrise, the Martian Dome offers unlimited views from the comfort of your bed. With Wadi Rum always being compared to Mars, the domes offer a Martian experience like […]